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The name Havly comes from the original method of manufacturing towels, which began in 18th century Bursa. Weavers created a technique that formed a loop—the same kind you see on towels today—and were made by hand, making them unique and special. These ancestral towels were known as Havly, and we couldn’t think of a better way to introduce a towel we think is just as unique and special.

Well, there’s a few things! Such as…

1000x Washes: Havly towels are made to withstand 1,000 washes with ease (compared to “the standard” 35)

Seamless Wünderweave Technology: The only towel produced with a first-of-its-kind gradient weave technique—there’s a super plush soft section and a smaller textured and exfoliating section for your pretty face. We also like that ü with those dots, it looks so happy. That’s the happiest ü of them all.

The Perfect Size: At 30 x 58”, Havly towels are bigger than a bath towel, smaller than a bath sheet. 

The D-Loop: Every Havly towel has a loop that will ensure it hangs and dries efficiently on a hook or door corner.

The Right Stuff: All Havly towels are manufactured with 100% Aegean Cotton (the finest cotton there is) grown on exclusively-selected family farms.  

Ethically Manufactured: We ensure that all people involved in making a Havly towel are treated humanely.

Thoughtfully Made: Havly towels and packaging are created with sustainability in mind and are Made in Green and Oeko Tex certified.

Suck it Up: The most absorbent towel in their category for a better, dryer dry.

We promise not to take it personally. If you’re not happy with your drying experience, our customer service is ready and willing to hear what you have to say. Get in touch with them here for some towel talk. And by Customer service we mean our CEO. We are a start-up, we care about what you have to say, for real.

You (and keeping you warm and dry, obviously)

We designed delightfully good towels that are just right. Just right for your bathroom, just right for your lifestyle, just right for you. We also like naming our towels with fun pop culture names.

Humans & Mother Nature

As we mentioned above, we make sure our workers are treated humanely and ethically. A Havly is also Made In Green and Oeko-Tek certified. No harmful substances on your naked body and we used sustainable processes in socially responsible working environments.

Autism & Special Needs Classrooms

We believe in giving back and believe that every student deserves a proper learning environment. For every Havly sold, we set aside money for an under served, underprivileged special education classroom in the US. Want to know more? Keep reading below. 

It’s our way of giving something back. It’s our pledge that for every towel sold, we will donate $1 to programs that focus on autism and special needs individuals. It’s our hope that we can make a measurable impact on this community and help provide them with education, tools, and experiences that are so often lacking for them. To make it onto the Havly Cares wall, all a customer need do is match the donation, or exceed when asked at checkout. We think of it as a way to make yourself feel good (and dry).