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5 Reasons To Say “Sayonara” to Your Old Towel

Written by Team Havly — November 18, 2021

5 Reasons To Say “Sayonara” to Your Old Towel

Before germs and bacteria take out a 30-year mortgage on your old bath towel, here are (other) reasons why you should replace it.

People often wonder just how long a bath towel is expected to last. While that answer varies depending on lifestyle, the quality of your towel and how well you take care of it, there’s many clues when it’s time to toss that towel for a new one. Below are just some of the reasons why you should replace your worn-out towels—and suggestions for their second act.

Our bathroom is one of the most used rooms in a home—it’s also one that’s shared by our family members and guests—so it’s natural that our bath towels and (particularly) hand towels are some of the most frequently used items. When your towels begin to take on an odor despite being washed, when they’re starting to look a bit frayed at the edges or the loops start to pull, that’s the time to consider getting new ones. The good news is that there’s many other benefits to freshening up your bathroom with a new set of plush, thick towel-y goodness.


1. ) Hygiene, Always

Not to send you running in a panic to your next big box store, but it’s true that keeping towels individualized can protect your family’s health, preventing the spread of bacteria, fungi and viruses. While it’s not incredibly likely that sharing a bath towel will make you sick due to your skin’s microbiome shield, sticking to one towel per family member is always a more sanitary solution.

Havly Tip: Our color-coded D-Loops at Havly are an easy answer to this, since each member of the family can identify their own towel by the color of the loop when hanging it on a hook or door corner. No more fighting over a towel, or wondering who was the last person who used it.


2. ) The Pursuit of Joy

They’ve mingled together for years: that faded beach towel with the Garfield on it; the threadbare striped one that’s one wash away from holy ineptitude; and the one you keep just in case a better one is in the wash. Sure, they were a good idea…then. Now? It’s time to up your towel game and keep only what brings you joy.

Havly Tip: Orderly and pristine white towels (or seriously black ones) give your bathroom that sleek, comforting spa-like feel no matter if they’re hanging up or shelved. Besides turning your bathroom into a feel-good experience, our towels (and hand towels) help show off your bathroom to guests in complete confidence.


3.) Smarter Choices

With better technology and more environmentally friendly and socially conscious changes in the industry, towels are not only becoming smarter but they’re also lasting longer—especially when they’re cared for correctly.

Havly Tip: Our Wünderweave technology is pretty darn clever. The dual-purpose weave leaves 1/3 of the towel with a looser weave for the delicate skin on your face and hands, while the other 2/3 is denser in order to absorb water off the rest of your body. Wünderweave is fast-drying, which helps prevent moisture-loving, odor-causing bacteria and fungi from making your towel a permanent home.


4.) A Worthy Investment

As with all Havly towels, the Wünderweave technology makes for a sturdier (but plush) towel that can last up to 1,000 washes with the right care. Whip out your calculators if you want, but we’ve done the work for you: if you wash your towel after every 3 uses, that’s 8+ years of towel life, versus the standard 2-5 years.


5.) A Second Chance

Before you burn that old towel like it’s the Velveteen bunny, there’s also good reasons to recycle it. Old towels can be donated to local animal shelters where they can be used as bedding for cages, among other uses. Donations of clean towels to local churches and homeless facilities help communities in need and are also greatly appreciated.

So, when your towels are ready to be retired, consider all the benefits of buying a fresh new set, as well as what a towel upgrade can do for you and your family.