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That 4-Star Feeling: Folding Your Towels Just Right

Written by Team Havly — November 23, 2021

That 4-Star Feeling: Folding Your Towels Just Right

You know what’s oddly satisfying? Looking at perfectly stacked, hung or rolled bath towels. Here’s how you (yes, you) can achieve hotel-quality folds in the comfort of your home. 

For some people, laundry is one of those things they’d rather not think about. The mundane chore of folding clothes and towels is tolerated only while watching Netflix. But others? It’s therapeutic, calming and an organizational challenge they want to excel at. Heck, some even watch YouTube videos of towel folding to help them fall asleep at night. In fact, “How to fold towels” is one of the top searches on Google, and we at Havly are here to help. 

There are many benefits of having good towel-folding technique: Aside from knowing which fold will work best in your choice of storage or display space, a well-folded towel conveys a sense of uniform organization with an aesthetically pleasing simplicity. The results of taking the extra time to fold your towels well will impact the look of your home—as well as impress your guests—like walking into the bathroom of a chic hotel. 

Feeling inspired? Give your towels the 4-star treatment with these folds, making them easily accessible while conveying a spa-like feel. All you need is a clean, flat surface and 100% dry towels. 

But first, some basic vocab as a reminder: 

Length: the long sides of the towel 
Width: the short sides of the towel 
Raw edges: the towel’s trim border 
D-Ring: that’s what we call our signature colored loop 



Whether you’re stacking your towels neatly inside the closet or openly displaying them on a shelf or stool, this classic fold will show your Havly’s D-Ring so your family and guests will know which towel they’re grabbing on the way to the shower: 

1.) With the Havly label facedown, smooth your towel out horizontally on a flat surface. 

2.) Starting with the long side that’s opposite the D-Ring, fold it over 2/3 of the width, smoothing the fold into a crease with your hand. 

3.) Now fold the D-Ring side over 1/3 of the width so the raw edge with the D-Ring meets the first fold. You should have a 3-layer long towel strip. 

4.) Fold the long strip in half, lengthwise; then repeat that fold. Voilà! The D-Ring should appear on the corner edge, and your towel is ready to be placed on the shelf. Snapping a shelfie for IG encouraged! 

Havly Tip: After each step, smooth the towel and keep the corners aligned. 


While hanging up used towels on a Havly hook is the ultimate in accessibility (while showing off your sense of chic uniformity and organizational prowess), you can also display fresh unused towels on a towel rack. By folding your towels to show off the different colored D-Rings, family and guests can choose based on their preferred color. 

1.) Spread your towel vertically on a flat surface with the Havly label facedown. 

2.) Starting with long side opposite the D-Ring side, fold the towel 2/3 of the way in along its width. 

3.) Now with the D-Ring side, fold the towel 1/3 of the way in, so it’s a long, skinny strip with the D-Ring at the edge. 

4.) Lengthwise, fold the towel 1/3 of the way down. 

5.) With that fold facing the wall, slip the towel under and over the towel rack, pulling it through just until you reach the edge of that final fold. 

Havly Tip: You can do steps 1-3 for Havly’s hand towels, and then tuck on top of the folded bath towel. All set for guests! 



This soothing spa-like fold also saves space. Place it in a basket or display on a shelf.

1.) Lay your towel horizontally on a flat surface with the label facedown. 

2.) Choosing either short end (the D-Ring will show no matter which side you choose), fold the towel in half along its length, so both raw edges meet. 

3.) Now fold the towel in half along the width. 

4.) Starting at the D-Ring end, firmly roll the towel towards the other end, adjusting to keep the corners aligned. 


And there you Havly it! Showing off your towels with these easy and repeatable folds will be the finishing touch when hosting guests, or simply another way to enjoy the zen feeling of an organized household.